Sustaining Our Connections


We seek them out, it’s in our disposition. Humans are social creatures and we thrive when connected to our family, friends and social networks.

My tribe is three-fold – my home neighborhood of East Hyde Park, my fellow cyclists and my sphere of family, friends and past clients. It’s these personal connections that root us to each other and create our identity.

Unfortunately the numbers indicate that social infrastructure may be slipping somewhat. The economist Joe Cortright writes that only 20 percent of Americans regularly spend time with those living next to them. A third said they’ve never interacted with their neighbors.

I’m happy to note this isn’t the case in my neighborhood. My neighbors and I take pride in our enclave of East Hyde Park. We are an active community. We walk to Coffee Emporium for our caffeine fix. Grab a bite to eat and toast with a beer at Dutch’s. Indulge in an Irish Whisky at Hap’s Irish Pub. We share in the mundane tasks of taking care of the bungalows and cottages that dot our streets. We renovate our kitchens, plant gardens and keep a tidy yard. We strive to maintain the Old World charm of East Hyde Park. The neighborhood was first annexed to Cincinnati in 1911, at that time mostly an empty swath of sweeping prairie. It wasn’t until 1915 that city planners began creating the identity of East Hyde Park, planning its streets and stately pillars, and plotting the neighborhood parcels. In 2015 our neighborhood celebrated its Centennial and we continue to work to maintain its distinctive identity.

So how do we sustain those neighborhood relationships? Simple. Smile and wave, even if you don’t know that neighbor. Host a lawn party in your front yard. Organize a work exchange day. Walk your dogs together. Share plant cuttings. Strike up a conversation. Find common ground.

Connections and relationships are the backbone of my job as a real estate professional. I take pride in referrals from family and friends and neighbors; it’s an indication of a job well done. Many of my East Hyde Park neighbors are former clients, now friends. If you are interested in selling your home to move to your perfect neighborhood or looking to purchase and find your new neighborhood tribe, call me at 513.702.3419 or email [email protected]

Photo credit: Coffee Emporium/Facebook