Cycling Back Around to National Bike Month

Last year was a year of examination and loss. Of assessing how safe it was to ride with others, of determining who to allow into our biking bubble, of bemoaning canceled races and group rides and missing friends.

To be sure the cycling community grew during the pandemic – new riders flocked to the sport. Deemed essential businesses, local bicycle stores were allowed to remain open. They reported that demand for bicycles exploded. They simply couldn’t keep bikes in stock. Even bicycle repairs were backlogged for several weeks due to high demand.

Local multi-use trails saw a surge of new users. On sunny weekend afternoons it was, and continues to be, near impossible to find a parking spot in a lot along the Little Miami Scenic Trail. According to Wade Johnston, Director of Tri-State Trails, trail usage was up 30 percent at the start of the stay at home order last year.

Now, once again it is National Bike Month, celebrated across the U.S. each May, usually with large social events and group rides throughout the month. But last May most activities were canceled, fueled by the fear and uncertainty of COVID. Social distancing was encouraged, group rides gave way to virtual rides and solo outings.

No more. With vaccines now available, COVID cases dropping and restrictions being lifted, the result has been many happy reunions amongst cyclists. Group rides are back and races are slowly beginning to populate the calendar.

And National Bike to Work Week returned last week, taking place May 17-23. Bike to Work Day was last Friday, May 21. Cyclists celebrated by riding down to the 12th annual Breakfast on the Bridge, gathering on the approach to the Newport side of the Purple People Bridge on Friday morning. (The Purple People Bridge itself is currently closed)

It was so good to see my fellow cyclists on that bridge approach! I started racing my bike as a competitive outlet, but above all I always enjoy just being on the bike and being in nature. Riding is freedom and friendship, experienced together as part of a ride. Or it can offer solitude and introspection, endless miles for contemplation. Cycling is my passion; I adore my time in the saddle and my cycling family.

Real estate is my other passion; it is gratifying to translate the needs of clients into the perfect new home. Or to allay sellers’ fears by quickly and smoothly navigating the sale of their current home. When a client is happy, I’m happy. And as my passion for cycling continues to grow, so does my business. In real estate I’ve achieved and maintained a top agent status in my company and in the Greater Cincinnati market. Many of my previous clients are now friends, many of whom also happen to ride bikes.

Your new home is my passion. If you are thinking about selling your home or looking to purchase and find your new neighborhood, call me at 513-702-3419 or email [email protected]

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