Following Your Passion

I am smiling in the photo, my hair tucked underneath a pink cycling helmet. The blue heavens of North Carolina are above, below the craggy, tree-lined mountains of Asheville. My happiness is obvious.

We bombed down switchbacks so fast the chilly mountain wind burned our lips on that trip five years ago. The memories I carry with me are of shared laughter, endless mountain views and glorious hours in the saddle.

Before cycling entered my life, I was a runner; I ran a handful of marathons before a torn muscle sidelined me. Not being able to sit still, I borrowed a bike and discovered it was much more fun than running and a lot less painful.  A friend challenged me to join him in riding the MS150 charity ride and 2 days and 150 miles later, I was hooked! I continued running and biking for the next several years.

In 2007, I received a major life changer. I was diagnosed with Stage III aggressive breast cancer. Chemo and running didn’t get along, nor did the surgeries and extensive radiation, but I found that I could continue to ride my bike and enjoy it. The Cincinnati cycling community embraced me, held me up, and pulled me through. I started racing my bike as a competitive outlet, but above all I always enjoy just being on the bike and being in nature. Riding is freedom and friendship, experienced together as part of a group ride. Or it can offer solitude and introspection, endless miles for contemplation. Cycling is my passion; I adore my time in the saddle and my cycling family.

Real estate is my other passion; it is gratifying to translate the needs of clients into the perfect new home. Or to allay sellers’ fears by quickly and smoothly navigating the sale of their current home. When a client is happy, I’m happy. And as my passion for cycling continues to grow, so does my business. In real estate I’ve achieved and maintained a top agent status in my company and in the Greater Cincinnati market. Many of my previous clients are now friends, many of whom also happen to ride bikes.

Your new home is my passion. If you are thinking about selling your home or looking to purchase and find your new, picture-perfect neighborhood, call me at 513.702.3419 or email [email protected]