Bike trail development, a catalyst for growth

This week, the historic Peters Cartridge Factory in South Lebanon was given the green light to begin development. Set on a ridge along the Little Miami Scenic Trail, the well-known, striking landmark will be anchored by Cartridge Brewing. The 24,000-square-foot factory will be a mixed-use space with restaurants and retail, as well as 135 apartments.

Increasingly, people want to live where they play. It’s evident that an accessible and extensive trail network then serves as a community hub and catalyst for economic growth.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail – locally known as the Loveland Bike Trail — is perhaps the best known trail in our area. It knits together various communities along the Little Miami River, from Newtown, Terrace Park and Milford, upwards to Loveland, Morrow and Yellow Springs. And plans are in the works to connect the Greater Miami River Trail with the Little Miami Scenic Trail, ultimately passing through Warren, Butler and Montgomery counties. This year the Wasson Way trail will expand into Norwood and is slated to run from Avondale to Newtown.

The entrance and exit points of trails can support thriving businesses and can be a boon for community growth that trails often enhance. A case in point is the growing “beer trail” along the Little Miami Scenic Trail. The Little Miami Brewing Co. on Mill Street in Milford, Fifty West Brewing Co. on Wooster Pike in Columbia Township and the Narrow Path Brewing Co. on Karl Brown Way in Loveland, all cater to cyclists and trail enthusiasts, and are big draws along the trail, especially during the summer months.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, fifty-eight percent of Ohioans participate in outdoor recreation each year and Ohioans spent upwards of $24 billion in outdoor recreation annually. People in communities value these trails and see them as major positives. And trails often pass through historic locations and significant landscapes – such as the old Peters Cartridge Factory – connecting residents and visitors alike with culturally noteworthy locales.

As a cyclist, I know the importance of living near these communities along our trails where we gather, play and eat. It improves our quality of life and strengthens our sense of community. If you are interested in purchasing a home for sale near our local trails, call me at 513.702.3419 or email [email protected]

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